Watch You Through a Window

'Watch You Through A Window'...Im not a pervert, PROMISE!

Im a third Year Fine Art Student at UCA Farnham. Im hoping to go onto a year long course at London Fashion Retail Academy next September. The one I want to do is a Level 4 Visual Merchandising course! So to get some practise in i have recently signed up to be a volunteer at my local British Heart Foundation Charity shop.

This blog is my journey from hanging out hand me downs with grandmas to hopefully hanging up displays in 'higher' high streets than Farnham! (fingers crossed)

Window Three…started with ‘has J had a word with you about your windows?’…’No!??’ ‘err its just could this one be less err you know!’…’what?’…’less so much!’ Beautiful!!! so window three is now ‘less so much’ i have gone with a simple dress belt and cardigan, and tried to give it some flare with the accessories. layered up necklaces and a floor full of flowers.

I noticed that there is hanging space just behind and above the stage area of the window, its making me think of different ways of displaying items etc….i’ll get back to you with it.

British Heart Foundation Window Two.

On Saturday 3rd September this window replaced window one just three days after it went up, usually the window displays will stay up for one week however the charity shop were having a promotional RED day!, this was to help raise awareness of their cause and draw in donations of money and clothes from the public. This time the boss gave me a brief of what she wanted from the window…’RED, RED, RED, everything has too be RED!!’ and instantly the lovely old ladies started handing me items for the window, including a RED short sleeved turtle neck, a variety of painted shell necklaces and a beautiful ankle length cord skirt!…YUM!

Even though the ladies contributions were super!!! i had alREaDy come ‘REaDy’ prepared! I had in mind a neat bust overpowered by a large eye catching empire line skirt… strangely some random person had kindly donated one of their old RED bras (why?) and even more strangely enough they had made it past the bin and proudly onto the shop. floor!…and then into the window! it was then accompanied by RED netting which I pinned around the underneath section of the bra to create the empire line skirt. To cover up the line of pins I tied a RED opaque scarf under the bust loosely to the back. the mannequins white fabric body was still visible through the netting and made the outfit look incomplete. so i pinned a RED vest top upside down to the body underneath the skirt! To finalise the plain but eye catching look i cut up lots of RED BHF price labels up into a heart shape and pinned them to the chest of the mannequin! complete! 

It is a very simple idea and output but it does the shop of catching the eye of the public, even though the other volunteers and managers were doing a very good job of scaring them away with their wigs and RED outfits!

Sooo… This is Window One at Farnham British Heart Foundation! After signing all my induction papers and pretending to read the health and safety book intensely!!!, i got to work! The shop is very tiny and u find yourself pushing into the rails of clothes to let people past you…The window is just the same…MINI, it is wide enough to display one mannequin!

I started off with no idea what i was going to put in the window, one thing i think of when i picture charity shop windows is bric-a-brac and fluffy teddies! i knew i would need to do something young and drastically different if i wanted to catch the eye of the passers by. I began by rummaging through lots of different random pieces putting them together and then discarding them, the grandmas kept offering me some ‘lovely!’ beaded 90’s slaggy tops that would look ‘lovely’ in the window! or not!….however the boss did say ‘the sluttier stuff does tend to sell!’…(really in Farnham…to who?) i decided to go against the advice to go slaggy and uncover for the complete opposite and went for layers!….Yeah Yeah Yeah Layers thank you Gok!

 This window has concentrated majorly on the arrangement of clothes rather than the set up of a scene like the majority of window dressing ideas doI have tried to create a sense of a theme and drama with the clothes iv used. I went for clashing patterns with a mix of tones textures and colours. Mixed in with a large variety of belts & ties.