Watch You Through a Window

'Watch You Through A Window'...Im not a pervert, PROMISE!

Im a third Year Fine Art Student at UCA Farnham. Im hoping to go onto a year long course at London Fashion Retail Academy next September. The one I want to do is a Level 4 Visual Merchandising course! So to get some practise in i have recently signed up to be a volunteer at my local British Heart Foundation Charity shop.

This blog is my journey from hanging out hand me downs with grandmas to hopefully hanging up displays in 'higher' high streets than Farnham! (fingers crossed)

Window Three…started with ‘has J had a word with you about your windows?’…’No!??’ ‘err its just could this one be less err you know!’…’what?’…’less so much!’ Beautiful!!! so window three is now ‘less so much’ i have gone with a simple dress belt and cardigan, and tried to give it some flare with the accessories. layered up necklaces and a floor full of flowers.

I noticed that there is hanging space just behind and above the stage area of the window, its making me think of different ways of displaying items etc….i’ll get back to you with it.

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